Products/People We Love

We have the raddest friends who make genius products….

Finicky Fork has taken Fitchburg by storm. I was lucky enough to meet Dawn, the owner, when we were both opening our businesses and we immediately hit it off. She is the creator of our amazing grilled cheese sandwiches, delicious soups, and perfectly tasty salads. Our food menu is completely dependent on Dawn, Cindy, and their amazing team.

We love their teas and we love their employees as humans (seriously they are the kindest people)! Their use of the finest quality ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging gets our vote for BEST TEA EVER!!

The fine folks at Union Coffee Roaster have become more than friends, they are coffee family (we like them that much). They brew an exceptional cup of coffee, which they often do for me when I visit their shop. Their beans are expertly roasted, packaged with care, and ethically sourced from all over the globe.